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Welcome to von Richthofen Kennel!  We hope you will enjoy browsing through our pages.  Our belief is that  "EVERYONE DESERVES A GREAT PUPPY".  You will notice that our prices aren't as high as commercial breeders;  This is because we have a love for the breed & also believe that everyone should have a good puppy to Love without  the high price.  We are confident that, to you, your puppy will be worth much, much more.    "von"  is a prefex in the German language that means nobility.  Our German Shepherds speak "nobility"      with every muscle,    with every move!
So browse through our pages and we hope you will find the puppy that you will fall in love with!
AKC  REGISTERED  German Shepherds

Have your very own German Shepherd puppy.
   We are a family kennel at von Richthofen, that specializes in large German Shepherds with execellent temperment.  We have 2 Bloodlines to choose from.  Our "family line" of German Shepherds is the perfect type of German Shepherd for a family pet.  They have lovable personalities and are protective of family. They should weigh over 100 lbs. when full grown.       

Our "Elite line"  puppies will be heavier set and stand taller.  They will have a more "energetic drive" and are easily trained for protective purposes.  About 1/3 of their puppies go to a combination of homes by either :  Police , search & rescue, and military etc.  But, we believe everyone who wants one deserves an "Elite Line" puppy. 

Notice:   Both of these groups of puppies are to young to hold their ears up.  Also, their colors are not completely filled in yet.

When you are the prettiest 4 week old twins there ever was, then all the Barnyard animals come over for a good look!
(Charlotte's Web would be proud)
Notice these twin babies color is not as bold as the 8 week olds in the above photo.

Dutchess & Bunny
  relaxing on the deck.
These two teenage girls, Dutchess and Bunny, are two of Princess's puppies.  Being 4 months old, they are very playful.  They are the10th generation von Richthofen puppies.  Sorry, they are not for sale!  They are just too precious!

Say Hi to Bonita
Bonita is one of our largest and most popular females. 









We are a  "AKC Registered " & "Secure" kennel.
We work very hard to maintain this status.
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Sorry for the inconvience, but it is worth the
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